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We are a creative studio like no other. Located in the Dutch mountains - operating without borders.

Located in the Dutch mountains -

operating without borders.

We specialize in brand identity, creative strategy, campaigns, residential & commercial interior design, and exhibitions.

Come on baby
Light my fire

A bunch of firecrackers

We are your taste makers, your treasure hunters. We don't follow. We set the style. We are go-getters, a bit rebellious, always cheerful, and charmingly upfront.

We are here to create your story – to visualize the brand and the interior of your wildest dreams.

We are your team, a team of firecrackers!

Joana is the founder of Chapters. She was born in Portugal and rose to her potential in her early twenties, when she became the creative director of an advertising agency whilst she was still in school. Combining work and her studies have shaped Joana to become the multi-talented entrepreneur she is today. She is a closeted shopaholic and loves her bulldogs more than anything. Joana is very driven, dedicated and always thoughtful.

Joana Rademakers

Creative Director

Roeby is the offspring of a small fashion empire. Her ambition to work in the creative field was instilled in her from a young age, which led her to become the youngest creative at Chapters. As a side project, Roeby runs an online vintage living shop, a hobby she shared with her grandfather and named after him. Roeby is creative, chatty and always upbeat.

Roeby Huiveneers

Allround Creative

Roos grew up on her parents’ estate, which is where she fell in love with cooking. She is the unofficial chef at Chapters. She studied Media & Design and like the true nerd that she is, she does her best work behind her computer. Don’t be fooled by her coyness, once she sinks her teeth into a project she has a bit of an edge. This little brainiac is the graphic designer at Chapters. Rosanne is kind, focused and very curious.

Roos Quaedackers

Graphic Designer

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Our inhouse team is formed by four unique individuals – who each bring their own specialty to the designer table. In addition to our team, we have established and incredible collective of partners, which gives us the freedom to work on your project with a custom-made team.

our dream projects
The interior of an eclectic boutique hotel
The strategy and brand identity of an inclusive beauty brand
The identity and branding of a high-end perfume line
The branding and interior of a sophisticated cocktail bar
The strategy and identity of a sustainable day-to-day brand
The identity and branding of a high-end jewellery line
The branding and interior of an exclusive (sushi) restaurant
Our own ceramic and fabric line

Creative by nature -
Firecracker by choice

Chapters was founded in 2019 by Joana Rademakers – a visual storyteller by heart. The studio was created out of a desire to add value to lifestyles and businesses and to connect people. At Chapters, we are interested in the story behind the question. We want to know what makes you tick, what makes you get up in the morning. Transforming this fire into a brand or an interior is what makes us get up in the morning. That completes the circle, my friend.  

We are a part of your story – this chapter or the next. We are down for it!